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Regional Produce

Food lovers and gourmets, don't miss it!

The local gastronomy has come from both the South-West of France and the mountain habits : traditional products are next to the mountain and to the gastronomic ones. The best known products are fat ducks and pork meat.

Our specialities

Discover our products with different tastes and flavours. A real pleasure for you !! Try a menu with a Mazametain accent ...

Starters :

Melsat and Bougnette : pork meat with eggs and bread; the first one is cooked into boiling water and the second one is fried.

Easter salad with liver : radish salad with hard boiled eggs , Spring onions and dry pork liver.
Main courses :

Frésinat, a mountain dish with pork meat, garlic, parsley , onions and potatoes.

Ceps, from the Black Mountain in an omelette or fried.

Cassoulet , a South-West speciality with baked beans cooked with duck confit or goose confit and other        
different meat.
Dessets :

Pumpets ( or Poumpets) : a rectangular cake, rather flat with puff pastry, lemon and bergamot flavour made in the old days with pork or goose fat, now with butter.
Croustade : traditional cake, from the South-west , with puff pastry, crusty with caramel; it can be cooked with apples, prunes , raisins or figs.


Boucherie Charcuterie Moure

The Butcher Mouret offers:
- A radius of selected meat locally
- The regional sausages made by craftsmen,
- Specialties such as black pork sausage Bigorre, the melsat, the bougnette ...
- Canning houses
- Catering dishes made from our products and fresh produce.
Open Monday : 7 am / 12:30 pm Tuesday to Saturday : 7 am / 12:30 pm and 3 pm / 7:30 pm, Sunday and holidays: 8 am / 12 pm.

Boucherie Charcuterie Mouret Patrick
26, avenue Maréchal Foch
81200 Mazamet /

Le mérinos

Le Mérinos : another chocolate speciality from J.F.Castagné; this artist received the distinction of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" in 1993 ; he is a confectioner and chocolate-maker.

In the centre of the Black mountain, his firm, founded by his parents in 1969, perpetuates the strict tradition in his productions. He started in 1977 with Maurice Bernachon who transmitted him the love for chocolate and perfect work . He created a technique for sculpture modelling with chocolate. " Meilleur Ouvrier de France" in 1993, he knows how to choose raw materials and to transform them. He is a creator and an artist ; he always wants to improve and to be excellent in his work and creations; his philosophy is the transmission of knowledge .
Shop in Mazamet, open from Tuesdays to Sunday mornings : 7.30 - 12.15 ; 2pm - 7.15 .

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