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List of local producers


GAEC de Lamarque

The Joucla family created their dairy at the farm in 2009 at an altitude of 800m and farming Lacaune sheep.  They make curd, yoghurt, ewes’ cheese and other dairy products

Marie Jougla
81260 Anglès

page Facebook: Fromagerie de Lamarque


A flower of ... seeds

Valerian and Thomas have been cultivating for over 10 years old and foreign vegetables as well as aromatic, edible flowers and plant oddities which they have the secret. Present on the Mazamet market every Saturday morning from April (with the plants of their manufacture) until the end of December.

3 Avenue de Naurouze
Saint Alby
81200 Aiguefonde

GAEC Craboulette

Sale of fruit: peaches, apricots, reasons, apples and plums.
Compote. Tomato coulis.

Xavier et Francis BELART
24 rue Lakanal
11100 Narbonne


Les Estrets

Fuits farm produce: sorbets, syrups and jams.
Making ail des ours. Salt made from plants.
Please call us if you want to come.
Online sales at: -

les estrets
81260 Esperausses

Valérie Michel



Domaine de Vaissière

Our family property can be found in the region of Gaillac, Tarn.  Our specific grapes, soils and micro-climate make our wines particularly characterful. Marie Ange and Andre will be happy to meet you and advise you in your choice of wines when you visit the Domaine de Vaissiere.

81300 BUSQUE

Brasserie des Vignes

This cottage brewery was started in 2005 by Stephane, an ex-chemistry teacher, who will enjoy explaining his beer-making techniques to you and teaching you to appreciate his beers, surrounded by his very basic machines.

Stéphane Dumeynieu
9 avenue Marcel Pagnol
81300 Graulhet

Domaine La Parra

Get off the beaten path and find authentic wines, elaborated with ease, at Domaine La Parra. An old-fashioned work, different tastes, special assemblies ...
A production of white, rosé or red in AOL Minervois, IGP pays d'Oc, only in bottle (about 3000 per year) also pass wine (muscat petit grain and blend of grenache, vermentine and roussanne). Recently, a range of ANTIQUE WINES, made from Roman recipes derived from translated texts. And finally, a Cartagena, wine of liqueur, a traditional aperitif of Languedoc.
A production of apple juice, olive oil, luca olives, and fruit & vegetables from the garden.

Sale on the markets and in the cellar by appointment at

Visit by appointment.
Groups welcome.
Free tasting.
Local Market and Farmers Markets.

Domaine La Parra
Célian PARRA
10 Av. des cathares
11700 Azille


EARL Bareil

Production and sale of flour and pasta.

Price : 2,80 € to 4,40 €.
Hours: 8 am to 12am - 2pm to 6pm

EARL Bareil - Marc Bareil
Les Peries
11400 Lasbordes


Trout farm - Pisciculture de Jaladieu

Enjoy a day beside the water and try your luck at trout fishing for a family day out.  From Brassac take the Raviege road and continue towards Jaladieu.

MEHAL Jonathan
81260 Castelnau de brassac


Sheep farm Bergerie En Lauze Del Bosc

Located in the heart of the Tarn, in the hamlet En Lauze Del Bosc in the town of Brousse, Véronique, established for 8 years, believes in peasant farming, consistent with its territory and respectful of the environment as well as peasants. The herd consists of 160 mothers pasture 10 months in the year, in natural meadows and woods with a food supplement of cereals (barley) and proteaginous (fababeans) produced on the farm from untreated farmed seeds. It respects the natural physiology of the ewes, no hormonal treatment for reproduction, and duration of lactation depending on the condition of the mothers and the herbage. It allows each lamb to grow at its own rhythm, which gives a tasteful variability of their meat as the season goes on, as well as an excellent quality of meat. It sells all its production in direct sale through la Ruche, market and direct sale on the farm.
Packages from 14 to 15 € / kg
Detail of 10 to 20 € / kg

Bergerie En Lauze Del Bosc
Sandelion Véronique
En Lauze
81440 Brousse


Las Coumayres - Nathalie Weydmann

Nathalie and Patrick raise pigs and sheep outdoors amongst the chestnut trees at an altitude of 750m on their farm in the heart of the regional park Haut Languedoc.  You will find a range of produce: charcuterie, terrines, pâtés, cassoulet, joints of pork and many others, as well as mixed trays of meat, vacuum-sealed by a certified laboratory.
We collect our own chestnuts and acorns to feed the pigs as well as barley, peas, wheat and bread.
Online sales :

Nathalie Weydmann
Las coumares
34220 RIOLS


La ferme du Verdanel

Claudine Ourliac raises her free range chickens, duck and guinea fowl on cereals, and prepares her ‘canards gras’ on sweet corn. All her specialties are farm produced: duck breast, foie gras, confits and cassoulets, and are sold either at the farm or on local markets.


La Ferme du Verdanel
Claudine Ourliac
81660 Augmontel


Les Anes d'Autan

C’est au cœur de la Montagne Noire, proche du lac des Montagnès, que se niche la Ferme des Ânes d'Autan.

Entreprise de cosmétiques à base de lait d’ânesse biologique et éthique, Les Ânes d'Autan sont engagés depuis leur création dans une production respectueuse de l'animal et de l'environnement.

Nous vous offrons ainsi une gamme de savons à froid Nature & Progrès et des produits cosmétiques certifiés Ecocert, gage de leur qualité.

La ferme vous ouvre les portes de sa boutique, mais aussi de ses coulisses pour une expérience immersive.

Les Anes d'Autan

Pour venir nous voir à la ferme et découvrir nos produits :

La Métairie Neuve, 81200 Aiguefonde.
De 8h30 à 17h30 du lundi au vendredi.
Le week-end sur rendez-vous.
Tel : 05 63 58 78 20
Tel : 06 95 26 69 63


Pépinières des Cascatelles

Pépinières des Cascatelles – Horticultural Nursery
Alain and Francoise produce 300 varieties of camellia, and also rhododendrons, azalea, Japanese maple, kalmias, hydrangea, dogwood, and daphne. Starting in Nantes in 1860, the family’s interest in camellia has continued in our nurseries in Mazamet since 1984 where it enjoys a favourable Atlantic microclimate with Mediterranean influence.

Alain et Françoise Thoby
La Manotte
telephone to visit between 15th October – 15th May

Camellia grow best in a mild damp climate and resist temperatures as low as -15° or even -20° as is proven by the existence of hundred year old specimens that have survived severe winters. With care, camellia can be grown almost anywhere in France. They should be planted in a shady spot, sheltered from the wind: against a north facing wall for example. In chalky areas of the South of France they should be planted in big pots on a shady terrace sheltered from the wind.