colline verte

The recipies of the local specialities

Le Poumpet

 for 6 people:
 4-5 lemons
150gr sugar
1 tbsp sugar
 2 puffy pastries

Pre-heat oven : 180° ( th : 6) ,mix the zests of lemons with sugar ; put the mixture on a pastry in a rectangular shape ; cover with another pastry ;put a tbsp on the top and bake in oven 20 to 30 minutes.


Le Melsat

The Melsat is a sort of sausage, pork meat with eggs and bread . A speciality from Mazamet.

500gr bread
2kg sausage
1kg bacon
1pork rind
20 eggs
1orange ,1 lemon
1 pork sausage casing
salt, pepper
some string and a sausage -making machine.
Method : 
Mix bread and eggs ; leave in the fridge.
Clean the pork sausage casing with lemon and orange ; cut the meat and the rind into small pieces .
Mix all the ingredients with salt and pepper .
Put the mixture into the casing and use the string every 15-20 cm.
Simmer gently in water and leave until cold .
Eat cold or grilled  with salad.


La croustade aux pommes

Ingredients for 8 people :
600gr flour
500 gr sugar
250gr butter
2 glasses Armagnac
1glass orange flower water
6 apples
5gr salt
 Mix flour , orange flower water, 150gr butter , salt and eggs ; leave for 2.30 to 3 hours. Slice apples thinly and put them in dish with Armagnac and broun sugar for 2.30to 3hours . Put the pastry on the table and strech it; put melted butter and sugar on it . Leave it for 1.30 hour.
Make 3 pastries . Put 1 pastry in the mould with apples; cover with another pastry and make triangles or other shapes with the third pastry to decorate the cake . Drop some Armagnac on the top  . Bake in oven
(160-180°) for 3/4 of an hour. Watch it at the end for the colour.


La Bougnette

Eat it cold or grilled on a frying-pan; it can be a main course with a salad and a potato.
To make a dozen of bougnettes, you need 4 kg of bread without the crusts .
Mix with 12 eggs and salt and pepper .
Add 3kg of cooked pork meat, cut into small pieces ; mix and make oval balls of 10-15cm diameter ; cook in fat .
They are ready when they have a caramel colour.