colline verte

Just a few minutes away by car, or a few hours for the more courageous ramblers, these different panoramic viewpoints will give you an extraordinary insight to Mazamet and its surroundings.

Our Lady of Hautpoul

Perched on a rocky outcrop just above the village of Hautpoul the statue of ‘Our Lady of Hautpoul’ surveys the plain of Mazamet stretching along the valley of the Arnette. Steps cut into the rock lead up to this picturesque site.
This 4.5m statue was sculpted by Alos in Lens stone and inaugurated in 1949. She is visible from every corner of the valley.
The site has inspired photographers and writers alike, particularly Albert Vidal who described the view laid out before him with this highly symbolic phrase: “Mazamet pouring from the gorge like from a horn of plenty.”

The Plô de la bise

Just outside Mazamet on the RD 118 Carcassonne road, the “Plo de la Bise” belvedere is another good place to get a good view and better understand the surroundings: from the Arnette gorge, the ruins of Hautpoul, the “route des usines” or Factory Road, the old Mazamet huddled around the Saint Sauveur Church, and the newer developments.


The Pic de Nore

This is the highest point of the Montagne Noire at 1211m and is near the divide between the Tarn and Aude, not far from the “parc naturel regional du Haut-Languedoc.”
Climatic conditions are hard. Conifer forests give way to moorland heather 100 metres from the summit. When weather conditions are good the panorama is vast: the Pyrenees, the A61 motorway, the Mediterranean, Corbières, Haut Languedoc, Monts de Lacaune, plain of Toulouse, etc.