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Black Mountain Bike

Location de Vélos électriques

De la balade familiale, avec des chemins adaptés à la pratique du VTT électrique pour les enfants de 8 à 12 ans (Voie verte, Pas des Bêtes)
aux tracés plus sportifs ( lacs, Pic de Nore)
en passant par des promenades plus culturelles ( Hautpoul)
Sans oublier le Causse avec ses points de vue exceptionnels et l'originalité de son relief calcaire.

Adulte: 36€ la journée
Enfant: 30 € la journée
Tarif famille - 10% à partir de 2 adultes et 1 enfant
Tarif groupe: - 10% à partir de 5 personnes

Black Mountain Bike
6 Les Calmettes
06 03 56 10 37

Esprit moto 81 - 2x2 roues

Esprit moto 81 - 2x2 roues

Esprit Moto / 2x2 ROUES
ZAC Castagnalotte 81660 BOUT DU PONT DE L'ARN

Location de vélos.
Vente, réparation de motos et vélos.

Horaires : du mardi au vendredi de 9h à 12h et de 14h à 19h. samedi de 9h à 12h et de 14h à 18h.

2x2 roues
Esprit Moto
ZAC de la Castagnalotte
09 70 35 71 76


Bike riding in Tarn, Haute Vallée du Thoré

For VTT lovers, discover the valley through 20 circuits from 2 to 25kms. Tracks, orienteering races, pump tracks or enduros wait for you; come and try the challenge!

Find the trails of the circuits on the site 
Below, the circuits present in the pocket.

Albine - Candesoubre Crêtes - 43 km

There is an opposition between the 2 sides of the mountain. The North side, wet, with beech-trees and fir-trees and the South side, Mediterranean with holm-oaks and dawny-oaks. This opposition explains the environment diversity. The North side has numerous ecological interests, fauna and flora interests because of the diversity of habitats(moors, peat blogs, forests, mountain meadows) and a light population.
The environment diversity and its conditions lead to a great  botanical diversity with important plants, 7of them are nationaly protected. This North side has an important population of birds of prey; there are many places favourable to nests(woods, rock-areas with not many people), and on the other side, the proximity of hunting territories (agropastoral clearings). Some couples of wood pigeons and peregrine falcons are present. The open spaces of clearings, more or less protected from intensive agriculture let different species to stay: larks, linnets, harriers… 

Download Candesoubre Crêtes


Albine - Ruisseau de Candesoubre - 7 km

The itinerary starts in a shady small valley where nature is very important. The lovely stream of Candesoubres goes down from basins to rapids in the middle of rocks in the coolness of the forest. Going through wild ravins, you will cross some other streams with their nice murmur. At the end, you will follow the mountain-side to come back to the departure point.
In the valley, you can see ancient stone buildings( wash-houses, houses with outside stairs) at the place: “le Poul”and an ancient farm which was transformed in “refuge”in Gourgne.

Download Ruisseau de Candesoubre


Bout du Pont de l'Arn - Circuit Arcachon - 2 km

In the centre of the village, next to Arn, the Arcachonpark is a place planted with trees, a multi-sports ground, a tennis ground, a walking path, a mountain-bike parcours, a playground, an area for playing bouls and a picnic area. The Bout du Pont de l’Arn is a small country village of 760 ha and about 1000 inhabitants ; it grows up quickly. This village is in St Amans Soult district,well situated on the sunny side of the mountain at about 350m of altitude, green and luminous. The view on the Black Mountain covered with forests is beautiful. It is a welcoming village with a pleasant setting. From time to time, you must stop to admire the panorama. Conifers cover ancient farms. You can guess the men’s presence in contact with nature in the different places. Outside the forest, you will arrive above the lake; wild, looking like a Canadian lake.
Download Circuit Arcachon


Labastide Rouairoux - Cols Buissonniés - 35 km

On the edges of the Thoré valley and at the limits of the BassinAtlantique and Méditerranée, this track goes along two different landscapes: on one side, the Jaur valley, luminous and sunny with its Mediterranean climate, on the other side, the green Thoré valley with its natural medium-mountain landscape: fir-trees, streams, waterfalls.     

Download Cols Buissonniés


Labastide Rouairoux - Domaine du Thoré - 3 km

This easy parcours will give you the opportunity to prepare for other mountain bike tracks in the “Haute Vallée du Thoré”. You will discover the village of Labastide-Rouairoux and its surroundings.
In the middle of the textile industry; dolmens, factory-chimneys, Labastide-Rouairoux has kept ancient marks linked with people on its territory. The past industrial marks remain very present in the village. The textile activity was hand-crafted in the Middle-Ages till the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century when it became industry.
Exceptional contractors and mechanization made Labastide-Rouairoux a prosperous town. Important names: Bourguet, Alquier, Armengaud became famous in the village, thanks to the quality and design of their productions. Many factories worked for “Haute Couture”:Dior, Chanel, Agnès B. In 1944, 2000 people worked in 30 factories in the village, starting closing in the 1970s. Today, they have nearly disappeared.

Download Domaine du Thoré


Labastide Rouairoux - Beson forest / Glassmakers - 20 km

In the 18th century, many towns in the Montagne Noire had glass-making industries. This track goes next to an ancient glass-kiln. To be a glass-maker, you had to belong to nobility according to a law of 1445. People had to be aristocratic and were given the right to practice the activity of glass-making by the kings. They belonged to the feudal aristocracy and were “Ecuyer”and ”Demoiselle”(Squire and Noblewoman).
Glass-making was important for different activities; places of productions (kilns, wood-storage) and places where the glass-makers, workers and their families used to live, mainly in the forests next to the wood. They used to live on the spot, during the activity of kilns from November to April. Their knowledge was transmitted to their sons, so several generations lived in Tarn. They married and stayed together.

Download Beson forest/Glassmakers


Labastide Rouairoux - The Cayrans path - 6 km

This path goes through the Green Way (la VoieVerte) first for about 2kms. When you leave it , you take a small forest track-the forest is very thick- this track is a link between 3 hamlets in the South of Labastide- Rouairoux : Lafeuillade ,Cantignous et Fon de Santé. The tracks are inhabited by wild animals , particularly roe deers-you may see them , if you are lucky -, an important number of different species of birds who want to live in the quietness of the woods.
On the way , you will see chimneys and roofs of ancient factories . In the 19th century ,Labastide-Rouairoux had an important industrial development with the building of many textile mills , weaving and dyeing factories .The industrial activity of the village influences the landscape of the valley still now . This industrial heritage remains an important indication of the industrialization of the valley .

Download The Cayrans path


Labastide Rouairoux - Frescati track - 24 km

This track is connected to the hundred ones for mountain bikes around La Salvetat. Come and try mountain-bike with this circuit towards La Salvetat above Labastide-Rouairoux. All along this road, you will be in woods. Wood is present and stone is as well!  Going pass the stone of the Bishop’s crozier, you will see the menhir of Briol as well and the crossroad of the standing stone. You will find a track undergrowth with oak-trees and beech-trees.

Download Frescati track


Lacabarède - Sales clearing - 8,5 km

From Sales, small hamlet in the district of Lacabarède, this track goes from undergrowth to small meadows alternately.  You will have beautiful views from the hamlet of Farail in Tarn. Then, you will go to a forest track. When you come back to the departure point, you will have a panorama view towards Aude, mainly after the hamlet of Baylé, then between Lebrat and Farail. At the top part of the parcours( 940m) you will see the Pic de Nore( the highest of the Black Mountain): an impressive red and white pole of 102m; it is a radioTVtransmitter.It is the arrival point of a cycling race: la cyclosportive La Jalabert.

Download Sales Clearing


Lacabarède - The 3 bishops fountain - 13 km

This splendid mountain parcours goes around the plateau of Sales and makes an incursion at the limits of Hérault and Aude.
On the granite Hautesterres( high lands), the hard climate encouraged peat bogs formations, beech woods and meadows in altitude which give a beautiful wild landscape. Old tracks bordered with rocks and beeches are a real pleasure, joining pretty stone hamlets in the middle of a natural décor: Sales, Férail, Lebrat, Le Bayle…
Victims of the rural depopulation, the hamlets became repopulated slowly thanks to new people who look for altitude quiet places. Further, after a crest you will have one of the most beautiful view of the Black Mountain; a fantastic panorama of the Minervois( Aude), different hills going slowly down the Languedoc plain and the majestic Pyrénées showing their peaks above the plain.

Download The 3 bishop fountain 


Rouairoux - The tall trees path - 12 km

This diversified and pleasant path allows to understand the village of Rouairoux identity : a hilly landscape , fields , conifer woods bordered with , chestnut-trees , nice rows of beeches , kitchen-gardens surroundedwith stone walls , small orchards with apple-trees , many streamlets along the slopes , lovely rural hamlets , farm-buildings lost for agriculture but having a new life with city-dwellers . And above all , far from the busy road , in the valley , calm and peaceful.

Download the Tall trees path


Saint Amans Valtoret - The Lake by the edge of the Forest - 27 km

From outside the village, the track goes up the slopes and let you admire the curves of the Black Mountain. After a hollow track, you will reach the clear plateau of Le Banquet. During a short incursion in the” communal” forest, you may see a roe-deer. This forest offers differences: sometimes protected, young forest or cultivated. The landscapes here are not hard, the mountain is still inhabited by men. You can see marks of “pesquiers”and “beals”(irrigation systems in theTarn mountains), wash-houses and terraces, small stone walls. 

Dowload The lake by the edge of the forest


Saint Amans Valtoret - Lou Camin de la Planette - 15 km

The Saints Peyreslake: Used since 1935, this water supply of 32 millions m3 gives the motor force to the Vintrou and Pont de l’Arn electric power-station. It has an important role in the regulation of the river Arn: in draughts, this supply is useful for the surroundings underneath.
La sagne de PuechBalmes: It is a bog of 6 ha situated in the district of St AmansValthoré at 750m of altitude on the St Peyres lake road. With interactive games and information boards, this exploring track proposes an easy and original parcours to understand the “sagnes” heritage: water and the small architectural heritage (bridges, wash-houses, mills, fountains..). The tracks will lead you to the marks of theseremains.The “pesquiers” and the”beals” are parts of this heritage.” Beals” are small canals which irrigate the meadows.”Pesquiers” are water reservoirs in a field or garden,borded with small stone walls. They both can keep water to be used for irrigation. They contain an important biological diversity..
Download Lou Camin de la Planette

Orienteering parcours - Saint Amans Valtoret - 10 km

It is a group of stations put in interesting places of the parcours marked with tags. This activity let you discover the territory. It is for everyone, people of all ages. You have to make a circuit, alone or with a group, using a colour map and going to the different control stations.
Mountain-bike orienteering site: In the forest of St AmansValthoré. From the lake of St Peyres., going through the forest,you will find the tags(les balises), use your watch as a game and the Thoré valley will become a playground. On foot or by bike, you can find 80 balises in the middle of trees. This site of 10.03 km2 is one of the largest in Tarn ; it can be practised by sportspeople and families to discover orienteering. 

Download Orienteering parcours


Enduros - 6 parcours

It is a mountain-bike itinerary when climbing down but there are also some climbing-ups. The departure (uphill ) and the arrival (downhill) are distinct . The endure parcours is placed on tracks with the owners’agreements. The rules are the same as a mountain-bike ride(speed and trajectory control, priority to walkers).
6 itineraries are proposed to enjoy various tracks going down the Haute Vallée du Thoré in the Parc regional du Haut Languedoc :
E1: En Barthe - 7km - difference in altitude  -450m - classified black
E2:Les Aviateurs - 5 km - difference in altitude -460m - classified red
E3: Wibault - 4,5 km - difference in altitude -400m - classified red
E4: Le Banquet - 4 km - difference in altitude -200m - classified  blue
E5: Candesoubre - 2 km - difference in altitude -100m - classified blue
E6:Beson - 4 km - difference in altitude -450m - classified red

Download  E1 to E3 or E4 to E6

Pump Track - Lac d'Albine

Before starting a mountain-bike ride or just to have fun. A ride around of 800m, adapted to all the possibilities and secure was equipped in Labastide-Rouairoux. A sporting and creative parcours by the stream and under the trees. This area is situated on the Verreries de Moussans road next to the Centre de Loisirs : le Domaine du Thoré.
At the village of Albine between the Lestap camping and the lake, the Pump track welcomes you; it a fun space for all mountain-bike people; with bumps and banked curves. One objective: keep or increase speed without using pedals; an excellent school for everyone, all ages and all levels. This will make you improve your self-control on mountain-bikes and allow you to have fun and relax after a riding day on the different tracks of the valley.

Download Pump Track d'Albine


The Green Way Passa païs - 80 km

This path runs for 80 km from Mazamet to Bedarieux, mostly along the old railway track. Whether you walk for miles, run a marathon, or just want a break and a breath of fresh air, you can do so safely here away from motorised traffic.  You will travel through vineyards, woods, and pastureland, alongside streams, through tunnels and across Eiffel bridges.

Download the map :​

You want to make the junction between the greenways Passa Pais (Mazamet) and the Way of the Rights of Man (Castres) ? The Autan wind road will take 
you safely.

This path runs for 80 km from Mazamet to Bedarieux, mostly along the old railway track. Whether you walk for miles, run a marathon, or just want a break and a breath of fresh air, you can do so safely here away from motorised traffic.  You will travel through vineyards, woods, and pastureland, alongside streams, through tunnels and across Eiffel bridges.
Download : la voie verte :   Passa Païs